A ‘Shoe Boxes’ Christmas Tree of Elementary PENABUR Sentul…..

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A ‘Shoe Boxes’ Christmas Tree of Elementary PENABUR Sentul…..

Christmas is the most awaited moment for everyone in BPK PENABUR. What would you like to have for your Christmas Tree? Well…. we have ‘Shoe Boxes’ Christmas tree this year! Hurray…..!!!!

During school, Christmas Celebration is the happiest time for our children. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, decorating school are the best moment of all. Our children of  Elementary present the Christmas Carol each morning and they filled the air with festivity. Parents are so extremely joyful to see their Children gave the best talent to praise the Mighty Jesus….

We put our Christmas tree at the corner of our second floor, and it is beautifully sparkling the room with the ‘warmth of Christmas’. We’re really proud of our teachers’ effort encouraging students on how to appreciate Christmas with something simple, humble, but it represents that all of these are done with love and came from deepest heart.


It ain’t easy to ignore Christmas with ‘Santa Claus’ on it, but surprisingly our children know that Santa Claus is only an imaginary thing. They knew the true meaning of Christmas which for them is the time to give and to receive something from others and it makes us (teachers and principal-red) very highly proud, how they learned more than expected. As we strive to give our students a “down to earth” Christmas celebration, they ‘still’ looked happy and full of joy, this is one of many heartfelt blessings and we are thankful for it.

Let’s celebrate the born of Jesus and…..

Have a very merry blessed Christmas …..!

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