TK Plus BPK PENABUR Sentul City, Bogor

Dear Families,

Hello Mom & Dad…..

Have you heard about our school? Would you like to find out more about our school?

We are the TK Plus of BPK PENABUR at Sentul which started on 2003. We have Toddler, Playgroup, and Kindergarten 1-2.  “Learn Every Day” is the main purpose of our lesson, we will discuss what it means to go to school and help your child become familiar with school and daily routine. As your child participates in activities that help him/her learn about the value of having and following rules, he/she will become more comfortable with being part of a community of learners at school and society.

In addition, your child will learn about the daily routine at school, the teachers, and other school helpers. Making friends at school and making individual choices will also be included in our daily activities. Each child will participate in creating a jobs chart and learn about his/her role in keeping the classroom neat and following the daily routine.

Our some sample activities are:

Create handprint art based on the children’s book, draw pictures and create collages of teachers and classmates; make life-size drawings; etc.

– Participate in shape-matching activities; and build a replica of the school using unit blocks.

– Class Activities ; Use dress-up clothes and other props to play school; create a pretend store to play store; and learn how to make healthy food choices. Match photos of classmates to their names; experiment with rhyming words from the children’s story; talk about and name the people who help at school; and use various art mediums to create a “Things I Find at School” collage.

Sing songs about the importance of having rules; and share and talk about music from different cultures.

– Discovery time : Experiment with identifying items by touch; learn the importance of helping to keep the room tidy by putting items where they belong; and discuss how individual choices can affect health, such as why it is important to brush and floss daily.

– Math Center: Participate in a game in which children sequence photos of the daily routine and answer questions such as : What comes first? What happens after large group? What happens before lunch?; and introduce the important math concept of repeating and making patterns.

– Outdoor Activities: Engage in games that help develop cooperation and social skills, such as “Follow the Leader”; learn the importance of following playground rules; and collect interesting items from the playground during a nature walk.

– Health & Care ; Dentist Visits, Sports; Olympic day and many more…..

We always try to involve parent in every homework, mean while parents at home can:

  • Talk about the daily routine at school and ask your child to describe his/her day at school.
  • Compare the routine at school with your routine at home.
  • Ask your child to tell you about some of the helpers he/she has met at school.
  • Talk with your child about making friends at school and relate an activity he/she has done with a friend.
  • Work with your child to make a map of your home.

We are very excited about the activities we have planned. As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns bout Our School, We’ll be very delighted to help.

See you here…….!

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